Say a Hearty Yes! to Your Wellness Coaching Business

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” – Joseph Campbell

• Are you saying a “hearty yes” this month?

• Are you saying “yes” each day to high impact actions that will move your wellness coaching business forward?

• Are you letting go of time-wasters, energy-drains, and clutter in all areas of your business and your life?

In the 2012 Wellness Coaches Calendar, the focus for February, Develop a Yes!Energy® Mindset, is based on Loral Langemeier’s soon-to-be-released life-changing book, Yes!Energy: The Energy to Do Less, Make More. It’s a fabulous philosophy and I’m encouraging each of us to embrace the daily practice of saying “yes” in our businesses and lives.

What do I mean by saying “yes”?

Well, what I don’t mean is to say “yes” to just anything and everything. What I do mean is to practice discernment and consistency when it comes to saying “yes” – discernment when it comes to knowing what is ours to say “yes” to and consistency in doing what we tell ourselves and others (including our businesses) that we’ll do.

So, this month, consider saying “yes” to doubling or tripling your marketing efforts if this has meaning for you. Consider saying “yes” to approaching a colleague about a Joint Venture project if that appeals. Consider saying “yes” to bigger opportunities, even if you are not quite sure how you’ll pull them off.

Yes, you may not know how you’ll set that Joint Venture up, or how you’ll hire an assistant right now, but, as Loral encourages her clients and readers, and as I’ve done many times in my own business and life, the idea is to say “yes” to what is ours to do, and then figure out the how.

I want to emphasize the practice of saying yes to what is yours to do…not what is someone else’s to do. And in your hearty “yes”, you know the difference.

We can scare ourselves by thinking that we need to push ourselves to say “yes” to huge goals and actions that we’re not yet ready for. This is not the kind of “yes” I’m advocating.

If your business is doing $10,000 per month right now, saying “yes” to bringing in seven figures this year is probably not realistic and just saying that goal aloud will probably be enough to keep you frozen in non-action. Likewise, I’m also not advocating that you play a game that’s too small for you and under-commit by saying “yes” to only those things in your comfort zone.

Instead, what you’re after is saying “yes” to the things that are yours to do, that are the “right” size of big, one chunk at a time. In the case above, rather than shooting for seven figures when you’re barely over six, saying yes to doubling or tripling your marketing efforts, hiring an assistant, and getting a new product out the door could be a fabulous way to say a big hearty yes.

Then with these wins behind you, increase the size of the things you say “yes” to from there. The payoff from saying “yes” to what’s yours to do and sticking to what you say you will do consistently is enormous. This month, become an ambassador of saying THAT kind of “yes.

The following list highlights the key actions that will help you say a hearty yes to the adventure of your wellness coaching business, or other entrepreneurial adventure, this month. I’ve combined some of the actions listed in the 2012 Wellness Coaches Calendar with a few more to keep you going! So say “yes” as you:

1. Pre-order the Yes!Energy book by Loral Langemeier if you haven’t already done so.

2. Do some serious thinking, writing or talking with a business coach to identify the places you can: do more with less energy, delegate and/or say “no”

3. Say “yes” to offering specials for new clients this month.

4. Start, join or attend a business mastermind group. Challenge each other to say “yes” to new opportunities.

5. Get out there. Sure it’s important to jump into the  social networks and form contact there. But get offline and start talking about what you know in the live world this month. As Startup Daddy said back in 2010 in his You Can’t Build an Arc When It’s Raining post, “Get into the social networks. Don’t try to game the system and pad your follower and friend count and just look good. Go out there and start meeting people and talk about what interests you.”

6. Attend networking functions & meetings and say “yes” to my challenge: Up your interaction level. Go for interacting with more than people you usually engage. Listen to the needs of and talk about your wellness coaching business solutions with double the number of people that you talk to when you stay in your comfort zone.

7. If the above challenge finds you stopping in your tracks and getting in your own way of moving forward, simply stop, breathe, notice what you are doing and choose to go forward. For more support, re-read Taming Your Gremlin® by Rick Carson. The bottom line here is that no amount of action alone is going to propel you into the “yes” territory if you haven’t embraced the “yes” attitude on the inside first.

8. Feb 21st – receive and start reading that Yes!Energy book! Encourage your mastermind group to do the same and support each other in implementing the actions.

9. Work with your business success coach this month to develop a stronger “say a hearty yes” mindset.

Tell us other ways you’ll say “yes” this month, or share your ideas for how we can all do so!

To Your Wellth,


14 Responses to “Say a Hearty Yes! to Your Wellness Coaching Business”

  1. Hi Erica,

    After years of dilly dallying, last year I finally said a “hearty yes” to doing whatever I can to grow my career coaching business. I must admit taking the necessary steps and getting my name out there has been scary, but it has been fun too to learn new skills and accomplish things I would never have envisaged myself doing.

    Among the actions I’ve taken is to do networking in my business community, start a blog, take on social media and write an e-book. I did not know where to start at first, but pushed through and said “yes” to my business.

    My advice to others is to feel the fear and do it anyway!

  2. Such a great reminder, Erica! What I say YES to this year is Focus, Focus, Focus. Saying yes to what matters and learning to eliminate time-wasters and things that keep me stuck and do no help me grow.

    I love your signature line: To Your Wellth, :)

  3. I’m saying Yes this year to doing more to build my business. I’ve set some attainable goals that will stretch me a bit, but things that I can conceivably reach in the next couple of months. I’m looking forward to reaching them so I can set some new ones, just a bit higher. I’m using this stair-step approach instead of choosing one big goal. I’m liking how it feels so far.

  4. – @Maria: Thanks for stopping by. I love that you are feeling the fear and saying yes anyway. Big actions you’ve taken! Isn’t it invigorating to be moving forward in such a bold way? Keep us posted as you go along.

    – @Della: That theme of focus sure seems to be prevalent this year…for all of us! It’s good for the business and good for our souls! Best to you!

    – @Lesa: Love that stair-step approach! And I can testify to the great work you do in the world so I just know your business will thrive beyond your dreams! Keep us in the loop with your progress.

  5. Currently I’m saying “a hearty YES” to getting crystal clear on my marketing. And thanks for the words “a hearty YES.” I’ll be posting those on my computer to keep me on track.

  6. Glad you will put those words to good use, Yvette. Please feel free to share some of that crystal clear marketing insight with the community here if you’d like. Readers here will love it!
    To Your Wellth,

  7. Thanks fo rthis post Erica.
    I intend to say YES to going to the gym 3 times a week, an action I have being procrastinating with the excuse that I am saying YES to so many actions to grow my business;)
    Thanks for the reminder, very useful and dynamic post!

  8. Hi Patricia,
    Good for you! And I’ll just bet that the added energy you cultivate by going to the gym will actually help you grow the business! Thanks for stopping by…and let us know how it goes.

  9. Hi, Erica,
    Even though wellness coaching is not my niche, your advice is well taken here and could be adapted by just about any coach. So many new coaches finish their training and then give up because they don’t know how to get the word out about their valuable services. More power to you. . . and all the wellness coaches!

  10. Hi Gayle,
    Thanks for taking time out to stop by and glad you enjoyed the “Say Yes” post. Love the “lead from your strengths” quote on your site’s home page and hope it brings many women your way who are ready to say “yes”. Stop by again any time…enjoy the connection.
    Be Well,

  11. Saying yes is a big deal, especially when you’re saying yes to the things that you can actually do yourself. Great post with great steps to saying a hearty yes!

  12. Hi Calla, Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you are finding lots to say yes to in your business and on your :)

  13. Hi Erica!

    I recently did a little survey to find out what my ideal clients wanted to say YES! to, and I was so moved by their hopes and dreams that I actually changed the focus of my business so that I could better serve them in achieving their YES!

    Then I did exactly what you described: I scared myself so badly with the magnitude of my mission and all the things I that I need to do that I ended up stopped in my tracks. (I should probably start with taming my gremlin.) 😉

    Thanks for the reminder AND the excellent article!

  14. Hi Rena,
    What a great survey to have done. And what a treasure from your clients that it uncovered. Funny how we scare ourselves right when we are smack in the middle of a glorious achievement or a journey towards one. I love what Rick Carson reminds us about this (in Taming YOur Gremlin® page 10) as he describes the Zen Theory of Change: “I free myself not by trying to be free, but by simply noticing how I am imprisoning myself in the very moment I am imprisoning myself.”
    Sounds like you did just that…so perhaps the taming has begun:)

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