Wellness Coach for Your Health and Well-BeingThe WellnessCoach.com Site is:

1. A Resource for Wellness Coaches, and

2. A Respite and Gathering of Hand-Picked Wellness Resources

Our mission is world-wide wellness. To forward this mission, we support you, the remarkable wellness coaches who want the same, by helping you grow thriving businesses.  We do so through our business coaching services and products, tailored directly to your wellness coaching business. We also provide some of the most useful, well-researched, creative and refreshing wellness information available on the internet with plans for even more.

Our future membership program will allow wellness coaches to feature their wellness coaching business on our site, link to their own sites and be able to submit wellness articles that may be included in our expanding wellness library.

So, yes!, we  specialize in providing  business coaching for wellness coach entrepreneurs, have a growing wellness library and we’re up to great things!

From articles to help wellness coaches deal with entrepreneurial self-doubt and a pod-cast or two of  soothing 1-minute meditations for anyone with a commitment to wellness,  to recipes written by our wellness coach members for nutritious snacks, as well as inspirational blog posts,  you’ll be glad you stopped by.

• The posts on WellnessCoach.com that are written for wellness coaches address the unique needs of busy entrepreneurs and/or those who are working both within corporations and on their own. From the anxiety that new (and seasoned) wellness coach entrepreneurs experience while marketing their businesses, to the challenges of living and working at home, or dealing with the isolation involved in home-based or small businesses, these blog posts are for all who embrace the world of promoting wellness. Together, we explore this terrain of wellness entrepreneurship and build a community as we go.

• The posts on WellnessCoach.com that are written by wellness coaches include posts about: financial well-being, nutrition, tips for wellness of body, mind and spirit, meditation options, yoga, mindfulness, and fitness at forty, fifty and beyond.

There are many rich resources here for you and much appreciation that you have stopped by!