Announcement: Free Monthly Q&A Call for Wellness Coaches

Spotted Blue Green Vintage PhoneGot Wellness Coaching Business questions?

Let’s Talk!

I’m excited to announce the new Free Monthly Q&A Call for Wellness Coaches. Beginning Wednesday, February 8, 2012, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, I’ll be taking the business questions that are foremost on your mind. No two calls will be the same and you’ll be setting the agenda. Get answers to questions such as:

• How do I create added revenue streams & not just trade time for money?

• When is it time to establish a business entity? Should I incorporate?

• Which marketing strategies work best?


• Free Monthly Q&A call

• 2nd Wednesday each month beginning on February 8

• 3-4pm Eastern Time, 12noon Pacific

Hurry over to the signup page so that you can join me!

To Your  Wellth,



We’re Refurbishing and Haven’t a Clue

construction2Dear Readers,

You haven’t heard from us much lately, as we’ve been busy planning our big end-of-the year blog makeover!

There are so many fun, new, powerful, and creative resources we’ll be bringing your way, we can hardly wait to unveil them.

In the meantime, we want to be sure to get some blog posts up here that meet your needs during this last business quarter and the holiday season.

To be totally vulnerable, authentic and transparent, we’ve had our hands off the pulse of the community for so many months we are a bit clueless as to what you might want to read.

We’re thinking about writing posts on the 5 topics listed below, and would love your input. Now we don’t take your loyalty to us lightly, and we absolutely respect your time. In fact, we’d like to offer you a gift to thank you for letting us know which topics are most interesting to you and why. Once your comment is posted, we’ll be in touch and send you our e-book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®.

Here are five the posts we’re considering:

* 5 Mistakes New Wellness Coaches Make & How to Avoid Them

* Are You Walking Your Wellness Talk this Holiday Season?

* Your Wellness Business is Talking – Are You Listening?

* 7 Simple Steps for Handling Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

* Sole Proprietor: Is it Time to Inc. and Grow Rich?

So, what do you think? Which post would you like to read? Why? Or Why not? Got other topics you’d rather read about?

We’d love to hear from you,

Erica and the Team

Fitness at 50 and Beyond – Seven Sacred Attitudes® for Baby Boomers

Immediately after publishing my post, Fitness at 50 and Beyond, I was interviewed on her BlogTalkRadio show by FeistySideofFifty™’s powerhouse, Eileen Williams. In 15 minutes we covered everything from the highlights of this blog to Seven Sacred Attitudes for Baby Boomers. Take a wellness break, have some soothing tea, and listen in. Enjoy!

“Modify Your Thinking to Handle New Situations”: Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie

fortune-cookie.jpgI was all set to sit and write this post, but hunger knocked on the office door, told me to call it quits for the day and took me out to my favorite Chinese restaurant. Good thing, because until the fortune cookie came, I didn‘t have a title.

Snap. I opened the cookie and out popped the title you see above. Perfect for what I have to say. Which is:

I’m back. The blog is once again in motion.

Yup. A month without a newsletter or blog and this writer at heart has been starving. Not for food. For creative expression.

All that I wrote about in the last post was right from the heart and remains true. I’ve pared back and focused. I’ve created more space in my life.

I thought that space would lead me to write a more personal blog, just for fun. But just as the fortune cookie says, I’ve modified my thinking since that post.


THIS will become the blog I mentioned in the last post as being one I write “just for fun.” I won’t start another blog. THIS will be where I give myself permission to write when I want to write, make the posts as short as want, add a rant or two if the spirit moves me, pose questions I’d love to hear you comment about, let a week or more go by if I need to, or write ten posts in an afternoon if I’m having fun.

So there you have it. I’m breathing a sigh of relief and creative satisfaction at this new approach. It’s amazing what a shift in thinking will do for the soul.

I’ve left the former post up so you can see the thread of my process from last month to this. I now see it’s important to do so. I didn’t at first. I was going to delete that post and just jump right back in again. I’d like to thank my new Twitter-teammate, blogger “GeekMommy”, for helping me see the wisdom of keeping that last post in tact, building from it and sharing the process I went through. There’s nothing like a team mate to help you modify your thinking now and again:)

thinking.jpgSo, welcome back. To all of us. With modified thinking, we’re all back in the WellnessCoach blog saddle.

How ‘bout you? Modified any of your thinking lately?

“Honorable Closure”, Gremlin-Taming® and How to Say Goodbye with an Open Heart

whale-breach-bowing.jpgCultural Anthropologist Angeles Arrien would call the subject of this blog post “Honorable Closure.” I’ll add that it is also my way of saying goodbye with an open heart.

As I write this post I notice my shoulders are tense, my brow is furrowed and my breathing is a bit shallow. I also notice I have many mixed emotions about writing my last post on this blog. So excuse me while I take a minute out to center myself and come back to the page.


Okay, I’m back. I’ve taken the last five minutes and employed Rick Carson’s Gremlin-Taming® Method and find myself much more aware of “home base” as Rick says, and breathing more deeply.

Having said that, I need now to say Good-bye and Thank you.

It has been my joy and my pleasure to write the posts for this blog over the past six months. It has been an honor to receive your comments. And it has been very fulfilling to learn from many of you that the information you’ve read here has contributed to your overall Wellness and made a positive difference in your lives.

By bringing “Honorable Closure” to this blog, I’m in process myself of minding my own Wellness advice — I’m practicing the Sacred Attitude called Do Less. I’ve pared back. I’m focused on opening new Salad Creations franchises in the Bay Area and will be limiting my role as Life Coach to one day a week. That should give me more time for reading, swimming, Qi Gong, and longer walks with my husband. It may even give me time to write a more personal blog for fun. (I’ll let you know if I do so, over at my main Coaching website.)

If this is your first visit here, let me add a Welcome to the Goodbye. I welcome you to what will now be a Wellness Library of posts for you to read at your leisure. My e-book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®, continues to be available for purchase here, and I hope you’ll find it to be a Wellness resource for a lifetime.

If you have been a reader for a while now, feel free to re-visit the information – posts filed under the Nutrition, General Wellness tips,Wellness Coaching and other boy-bowing.jpgcategories are timeless. May the material continue to serve you.

To all of you, a deep bow of gratitude for stopping by.

May you be well.


Blogging Well

blogger.jpgTime out from any overall wellness tips for a bit about blogging well. Now blogging’s not my area of expertise, and you’re not likely to see any future posts here about it, but I had to let you in on what I think it takes do do something well that isn’t your area of expertise.

1. Put an expert on your team.
Actually, put several on board. I hired blogging pro, Julie Hood, at YourBlogTeam (YBT) to help me get going and troubleshoot as I go. I also subscribe to some additional (and fabulous) bloggers’ feeds so I can learn a bit more. Namely, Liz Strauss, ChrisG, and Yaro Starak.

2. Acquire compelling & practical education that suits your learning style.
In this realm, I began the Teaching Sells journey last October. And now, I’m excited to embark upon another adventure, as you will see below. Thanks go to Edward Mills at, and Julie Hood at YBT, for pointing out what appears to be a promising resource:

Simpleology’s New Offer

I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they’re letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it’s still free.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
It’s what I’m doing as a blogger to learn to blog well (and btw, it’s also what I do in my own personal wellness regime.)

4. Get into a routine and rhythm
Be it blogging or a physical wellness routine, what rhythm suits you and what you are trying to achieve? Find one, stick with it, and experience the truth of what my friend, and author, Dan Millman says when he teaches that “Discipline equals Freedom.”

5. Evaluate & Course Correct
I’m learning this is key in the blog world, just as it is key in the wellness world. Implement, evaluate, tweak, implement again and so on.

Okay, enough tips about blogging well from a novice blogger. (btw, I hope you see these same tips apply to your personal wellness regime:)

So, what do YOU do to blog well? Love to hear it!


Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice and New Year

winter-snowflake.jpgDecember 22nd marks the 2007 Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and that means Winter is officially upon us where I am at this shortest day of the year.

It’s also the day when I know we are heading toward more daylight and somehow that always lifts my spirits.

I make the Winter Solstice a private celebration each year with a mug of tea, my favorite pen and my journal. I use a series of questions once put forth to me in a workshop by cultural anthropologist and author, Angeles Arrien, to review the lap that I just traveled around the sun this year. As I’ve done for years, here’s what I’ll be contemplating tomorrow:

Year in Review
as asked by Angeles Arrien

A. This last year
In Myself, My Relationships, My Work, and My Community:
1. Where have I been strengthened this year?
2. What has softened in me this year?
3. What has deepened (integrated or fallen into place) this year?
4. What has opened (what’s new, what have I learned, where am I being stretched) in my nature this year?

Regardless of where you are in the world, or what holiday you celebrate, I wish you much peace and many “sacred moments” today, this season, next year and beyond.

What held meaning for you this last year? Let us know in a comment!

P.S. I also want to point out that new little icon over on the lower end of the right sidebar, under Tools for the Journey…the blue one that says RoadID. It will take you to a site that showcases a product I have fallen in love with. It’s an ID bracelet (comes in many cool colors, too) that you can wear while running or outdoors. The vital information you have engraved on the tag could save your life if you got stranded or hurt. But wait, there’s more…

You can alternatively engrave your 2008 goals on the bracelet, and wear it to remind yourself to keep on track. But here’s the thing…

Who are you???
I am not the originator of this idea by any means. I have to thank the person who mentioned it in his blog recently. And here is the embarrassing part. I can not for the life of me remember who that was. And I even went and bought 6 of the ID’s using his $1 off gift, and then became an affiliate.

So, yes, head to the site and check out the ID tags. Get some for yourself and your friends…you could be saving lives, or the life of your business. But if you know who also mentioned this in their blog recently, or if it is you, please let me know. I am grateful for your tip and owe you major blog link love.

Seven Sacred Attitudes® –Living in the Richness of the Moment During the Holidays and New Year

3207cvr.jpgThe holidays and a new year bring many opportunities to “live in the richness of the moment”, as I call itor to “live consciously” as Leo Babauta says in his ZenHabits post today. But most of those opportunities for conscious and rich living will go unnoticed if we stress out, multi-task and rush around getting everything “just right” for our celebrations and year-end business obligations.

To reclaim the richness of those moments, I’ve found It’s helpful to adopt the 4-step practice I call, Stop…Breath…Notice…Choose.™ And though I’d love to teach it to you in a coaching program or a Sacred Attitudes workshop next year, the holidays are already underway and I’ll bet you’d like to start reclaiming those moments right this minute. Good news is, you now can!

Announcing the arrival of my e-book! Yes, after a successful year in paperback, Seven Sacred Attitudes has morphed into its new form. For those traveling a path of personal growth and development and wanting to live more meaningful lives, here’s the e-book no “traveler” should be without: Seven Sacred Attitudes®: How to Live in the Richness of the Moment.

I am honored that wellness expert, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., endorsed the book by saying:

“Erica Ross-Krieger’s words are wise, sensible and compelling. From the very first page, her profound Seven Sacred Attitudes will become an important part of your life. It is with admiration and acclaim that I recommend this must-read book to everyone desirous of adopting attitudes that heal.”

— Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
Author of Love is Letting Go of Fear
Founder, Center for Attitudinal Healing

A few notes about the e-book:
With compelling stories and thought-provoking questions this e-book will encourage you to open your heart and explore your attitudes toward life. Learning the 4-step process to cultivate the Seven Sacred Attitudes will help you lead a more joyful, meaningful life. Discovering more about the attitudes will be a juicy journey. The Sacred Attitudes are:

* Use Inner Wisdom
* Accept What’s So
* Go Slow
* Do Less
* Show Up
* Trust the Process
* Be With the Questions

Each essay, fable, and story in Seven Sacred Attitudes illustrates one of the Sacred Attitudes, revealing that every step, every breath, along life’s path presents an opportunity to deepen your learning. Questions help you examine—and cultivate—energy-giving attitudes for personal growth and a rewarding life.

So, enjoy the e-book and join me in the practice of reclaiming each moment, so we can fully enjoy the season and cultivate the richness of the New Year.

P.S. Here are a few more endorsements of the e-book and mega-thanks for giving me the chance to share my good news:

“This engaging life manual teaches you to rely on Sacred Attitudes to nurture your inner wisdom, cultivate serenity, and allow happiness to emerge. Following Erica Ross-Krieger’s simple daily process of ‘Stop, Breathe, Notice, and Choose’ will help you focus on the heart-centered present.”

— Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.
Author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi

“As you contemplate the delicious gems inside Seven Sacred Attitudes, you will find Erica Ross-Krieger has accomplished two marvelous things: first, she reveals the Heart of a true Teacher; and second, she gives us a new model for being with ourselves, coaching others, and making our lives full and meaningful.”

— Craig Carr, CPCC, PCC

Founder, Coaching Elements, Inc.
Senior Trainer, Coaches Training Institute

Seven Sacred Attitudes is a compelling and inspirational book. Who can resist finding out what the Seven Sacred Attitudes are and how we can use them for healing our lives?”

— Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

About the Author

What will you do continuously?

In his Zen Habits blog yesterday, author Leo Babauta wrote a delicious post called Faith in Humanity: How to Bring People Closer, and Restore Kindness. As others who inspire me have done before, he wrote of the simple acts of kindness and “paying it forward” that help make this world a better place. In the past, I’ve responded to the idea of “paying it forward” with great enthusiasm for a day or two. I’ve anonymously paid bridge tolls for cars behind me, put money in expiring meters and volunteered my time.

But somehow, after a day or two, I forget. This time, I have an idea for keeping the idea alive. Leo offered his e-book for free to the first 30 people to comment to his post, and a link to those who wrote about the post in their blogs (like this one) and mentioned how they would “pay it forward.” I think the best way I can “pay Leo forward” is to offer this idea to my readers:

I’ll be posting a yellow stickie on my mirror as soon as I’m done with this post. It will say: “How will you spread kindness today?”

I hope you’ll do the same. It will remind us to consciously look for ways to “pay it forward” every day…not just for a few days. Thanks for the nudge, Leo.

Free Wellness Coaching for Those Losing Homes to Southern California Fires

helping-hands.jpgThis is an addendum to my earlier post today. Taking action on the idea that it’s good business to help others when they need it, my team and I have come up with a plan to help those who have lost their homes in the Southern California fires.

The Way We Will Help
We’ve rallied together a cadre of 30 Life and Wellness Coaches from around the country who have agreed to provide 3 free coaching sessions to those whose homes have been destroyed by the fires blazing in Southern California.

In these co-active coaching sessions, clients can begin to sort out the complex and overwhelming process of establishing new residences and rebuilding lives. They will address what it is that’s important now, honor what has been lost, evaluate their readiness to take action, and begin to plan next steps.

Call to Action

If you know of any friends or family members who have lost a home to the California fires, please let them know of our offer. Have them call our offices anytime in the next three months and we will connect them with a member of our coaching cadre to begin their series of 3 free Life Coaching sessions. Our office number is: 925-933-7445.

Thanks for getting the message out.