RESOURCES FOR YOUR WELL-BEING – Part 2 of 3 of the Cornucopia Series

giving-resources.jpgIn this second post of the Cornucopia series, you’ll find the quotes, websites, blogs, a healthy recipe, and meditation tools that inspired me and enhanced my sense of Well-Being in 2008. How do I keep track of them all?

I keep a notebook set aside to list my favorites each month. Nothing fancy, nothing electronic. A composition book and a pen. Then at year end, I sit back with a cup of tea and my laptop and revisit all that I noted. It’s a fun way to wrap up the year. And as I said in the first post of this series, this year, I’m expanding my annual tradition and sharing my favorites with you…it’s better that way!

So, browse around and find just the right something to strengthen your own sense of abundance, appreciation, delight and Well-Being this season. Enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes — those that I’ve used as inspiration this year. I keep many quotes on stickie-notes in a fat file folder…things I tear from magazines or notes scribbled from something I read somewhere (even from my own book if I think I need a reminder:) I pull one quote out each week that I want to sit beside my computer. These four came out from the file more than a few times to encourage me this year:

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope
that if you just show up ad try to do the
right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and
watch and work: You don’t give up.
– Anne Lamott, writer

We must be the change
we wish to see in the world.
– Mahatma Gandi

We must be willing
to get rid of the
life we planned, so
as to have the life
that is waiting for us.
– Joseph Campbell, author

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.
– Alan Alda, actor


WEBSITES and BLOG POSTS (including a healthy recipe:)
Like you, I read a ton of blog posts and browse a gazillion websites each week.  Keeping track of my favorites isn’t easy. But I enjoy doing so. And with that, I’m happy to name the posts and sites below as some of the big contributors to my well-being this year:

1. Blog:
Favorite Post this year: Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter
I enjoy the simplicity of Leo Babauta’s writing. And there are many of his blog posts I have flagged as favorites this year. But this one from November, contains a tip that’s recently made a world of difference to me.

My floor-to-ceiling bookshelves were overflowing. When it came to books, Leo’s article helped me explore the habit that I needed to adopt: the “One in, Two Out” rule. It’s a long blog post, but this one tiny tip is worth more than it’s weight in gold to me!

 2. Blog:  Ramblings From a Glass Half Full
Favorite post this year: The Real Secret of Life, August 3, 2008
Terry’s blog just flat out makes me smile. What better key to Well-Being? I especially loved this post in August, reminding us to “Never grow up”, along with the 7 keys to happy and successful adulthood. You’ve got to read this post, from Terry’s Category “Half-Fullism.” (P.S. Although the glass is already half full in this post, I’d add Toy Stores to item # 1 in the post! Enjoy:)

3. Blog: Levite Chronicles by Jon Swanson at:
Favorite post this year: February, 2008 “Good Intentions

One of my morning office rituals is to read three posts from 15 of my favorite blogs. I rotate and alternate the 15 and vary which three blogs I read each weekday. When I get to Jon Swanson’s Levite Chronicles blog, I can always count on a post that will touch my soul and give me something delicious to think about for the day.

Back in February, Jon wrote a post called, “Good Intentions”, about shooting free throws at the basketball court. I’ve marked many of Jon’s posts as my favorites, but this one still sticks with me. It’s about daily practice. It’s about the daily practice of your relationship with your soul, God, your heart, love, and life. I commented on this post, but my mere words can’t really capture the way it touched me. Whenever my daily practice is a struggle (often:), I think of Jon shooting free throws…and keep on keepin’ on.

4. Blog: Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers) by Liz Strauss at
Favorite post this year: April, 2008How to Have Positivity and Confidence Making Tough Decisions
In mid-April, Steve and I were looking at a real estate investment and stuck in the decision-making process. That week, I read Liz’s post about making tough decisions and the ah-ha light went on…looking at what your Head and Heart have to say about a tough decision can be enlightening. This post and some quiet contemplation helped us move forward. You’ll probably want to bookmark it…I did.

5. Website: ‘s Healthy Recipes
Favorite Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus Tossed with Penne and Goat Cheese
I found this recipe in 2007, but it remains my favorite in 2008. I substitute Purcell Mountain Farms‘ organic brown rice penne pasta for the wheat pasta, fresh tomatoes for the canned (especially if it’s heirloom time), use free-ranmge organic chicken, and if it’s not asparagus season, I use broccoli. Good, hearty, healthy comfort food:)

6. Website: filled with juicy gems, this inspirational membership site was founded by Gail Lynne Goodwin
Gail’s Blog: InspireMeToday at http://www.InspireMeToday/Gail
Favorite post this year: November’s “Born to Fly
Gail’s November post, “Born to Fly,” came juist at the right time. I’d been considering a new internet business venture for three months, and was a bit fearful about taking it on. Gail’s words, ”…when the passion is louder than the fear…” were all I needed to step forward. Enjoy the entire post here:

1. Holosynch®
by Bill Harris’ company, Centerpointe (click sidebar for link to free CD)
Why I love it:
I’ve been meditating and sitting zazen for 15 years. I’ve been a student of Maharaji for three. I love my daily practice. And when I heard Bill Harris say that Holosynch can “help you meditate like a monk at the touch of a button” I was intrigued. Couild I go deeper with my meditation? Could I sharpen my brain’s ability to focus? I did some research, tested out his free CD, and fell in love with the Holosynch® system and technology. More important though is that it’s helped me deepen my existent practice. The fact that I get to weave in my own powerful affirmations with the patented subliminal technology is icing on the cake. (As you can see on my sidebar here, I’m such a proponent of Centerpointe’s Holosynch® program I decided to become an affiliate. I don’t do so unless I use and love a program or product myself.) Try the free CD and let know what you think.

2. Meditations for Optimum Health CD by Dr. Andrew Weil
Why I love it:
When I want a brief pick-me-up meditation during the day, I turn off the phones and computer, close the blinds, put my feet up, sit back with my ipod and play a selection from this CD. The beautiful music in the background and Andrew Weil’s soothing voice reminding me to focus on my breath is all it takes for me to recharge and renew.

—   That’s it for this installment. Next and final post of this series will have more resources that inspired me this year! Stay tuned. And let me know:

What’s inspired you this year?

Wellness Product Reviews – Part 2 of 2: Wellness Solutions for Menopause

healthy-senior-woman-drinking.jpgWelcome to the second post in this latest product review series. Today, I’ve reviewed a second DVD in the Mayo Clinic/GAIAM Wellness Solutions series from the GAIAM catalog. While the product I reviewed in the prior post is a helpful wellness tool for those with chronic back pain, this product is a breath of fresh air for those of us entering, or currently dancing with, menopause.

Menopause came knocking on my door seven years ago. (Actually, banging on the door was more like it.) Since I was in my early 40’s at the time, she was an unexpected visitor. But I have since learned that mine was not an unusual age for hosting such a visit!

I have been fortunate enough to work with a great naturopath and nutritionist, as well as an acupuncturist, and am quite pleased with the results and my relationship with this powerful stage of my life and all it brings to me. That said, I am always looking for ways to strengthen my relationship with menopause. Which is why I was excited to test a new resource and am delighted to be able to share it with you.

mayo-mnpse.jpegMayo Clinic’s Wellness Solutions for Menopause

Product Description:
“Mayo Clinic, one of the top medical centers in the country, and GAIAM, the health and wellness experts, team up to bring you this groundbreaking, integrated health action plan designed specifically to help you become attuned to your body during this transition.”
– from the product’s back cover

DVD (90 minutes) and BONUS: 52-page My Stress Solution booklet.

Price: $20.00 U.S. Rating key
☺ ☺ ☺ = Great product. I’m using it, love it and I highly recommend it for those who seek a wellness solution to the issue or condition the product addresses.
☺ ☺ = Good product. I’m using it, or parts of it, for now, and/or if it addresses a wellness need you have, definitely consider giving it a try.
☺ = It has merit, but I’m not personally using it. Use with caution.
☹ = Don’t bother.

WellnessCoach Assessment:

For women who want an integrated approach to embracing the life transition from peri-menopause through menopause, this DVD supplies helpful resources and information. The Mayo Clinic team teaches that menopause is a natural life stage and not a medical disorder, which is a sound and accurate point of view.

By the end of the DVD, you will have met knowledgeable and caring experts, learned nutritional tips for eating well at this phase of life, taken a refreshing meditation break and had a restorative yoga session. The bonus booklet, My Stress Solution, gives tips for managing stress, which is critical for keeping your body healthy during times of transition. (As with any program, be sure to consult with your doctor to be sure this program is right for you.)

Strengths of the product/content:
1. Philosophy that menopause is a natural stage of life.

2. Integrated approach (expert information, tips for healthy diet, gentle and restorative yoga and meditation)

3. The My Stress Solution booklet is comprehensive and since managing stress is extremely valuable during menopause, this is a great tool. It’s almost identical to the bonus booklet in the above reviewed product, but the inside front and back covers have important notes specific to menopause in this case.

4. Dr. Lynne Shuster, M.D. is awesome. She is knowledgeable, warm, and an approachable expert. She is a great addition to this DVD and provides the core medical and emotional information. Because she is a woman, and either at or nearing this stage of life herself, you might feel like I did which is that you’d like to have her along for the duration of this transition.

5. The dietitian in this DVD is also a woman, seeming to be at or nearing this stage of life as well. She provides solid and helpful tips for a plant-based diet and dietary healthy choices during menopause.

6. Yoga expert, Colleen Saidman, guides you through meditation and restorative yoga and does so with the compassion of someone who understands the terrain of the menopause transition. The yoga session was filmed in a beautiful setting, gentle music is in the background, and you feel like you are actually taking an outdoor, lakeside class with Colleen.

7. The DVD (as is each of them in this series) is presented in eco-friendly packaging.

Weaknesses of the product:
1. While I appreciated the welcome and overview by Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Brent Bauer in the prior product I reviewed, I had a different reaction to his introduction on this DVD. I honestly would have preferred the welcome to come from Dr. Lynne Shuster.

I just had a hard time hearing Dr. Brent Bauer tell me how menopause is a natural part of life. It felt a bit like having my Dad, uncle, or brother tell me about menstruation (which they didn’t) rather than my Mom, aunt, or big sister. Call me old fashioned or even gender-biased if you will, it’s just my preference to hear about changes to my female body from other women.

2. I have a small dislike for the terminology used to describe Part 1. It is called: Understanding Your Condition. I don’t think of menopause as a condition like I do back pain or arthritis. I’d rather it was called: Understanding Menopause. Not a big deal, but not exactly aligned with their philosophy that menopause is a natural change.

3. The eco-friendly packaging used for all the DVDs in this series presents the same dilemma it did in the above review – great for the environment but can potentially scratch the DVDs. Be careful when removing the DVD or placing it into the package.

My Personal Experience:
I wish I would have had this program right from the start of the menopause transition – it was seven years ago when peri-menopause was first dancing through my life and having this DVD then would have been helpful. But it still is relevant to the stages I’m in right now and I’m grateful I came across the DVD.

Because of my experience with the first product I reviewed in this series, I knew to watch this DVD in its entirety the first time through, without participating in the yoga or meditation right away. This let me see what props were needed and gather them ahead of time.

As before, Part 1 contained the overview of Mayo Clinic’s integrative approach. This DVD also contained an outstanding discussion by Mayo Clinic expert Dr. Lynne Shuster, who presents the physiological and psychological components of menopause, hormone therapy options, and a reminder that each woman will experience menopause in a different way. I really enjoyed listening to her and took a few notes to share and discuss with my own health care practitioner.

While the dietary information in Part 2 wasn’t new to me, I liked the presentation (plus the dietician is close in age to me and so her credibility to discuss menopause was strong). Additionally, Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic “took me grocery shopping” to choose healthy foods (as he did in the Back Care DVD.) I only wish he could have done my actual shopping☺

The yoga and meditation by Colleen Saidman was refreshing. I did it first thing in the morning and liked how it eased me into the day. I modified a few of the poses to accommodate my back and my specific physiology. I already do yoga, but there are a few restorative poses that I’ll work into my routine.

I liked pretty much everything about this DVD — from the expert information to the soothing meditation, the music, the peaceful settings, and the bonus stress management guide. This will still be useful to me for many more years to come and also a nice gift for my baby-boomer friends.

Overall Product Rating: ☺ ☺ ☺

Hope you have found the last two reviews helpful in your own wellness journey, or for the someones who are close to you. Let me know your own experience of the products when you have a minute.

What else have you found helpful in your own wellness journey?

Wellness Product Reviews – Part 1 of 2: Wellness Solutions for Back Pain

woman-exercising-outdoors.jpgHere’s to wellness…in body, mind and spirit! In this 2-post series, I’ve reviewed two new Wellness Tools for you. I’ve tested, tried, read, watched and reviewed both products thoroughly. I’ll be giving you my professional and personal experience and provide an overall rating for each product.

As I’ve done before in this blog, I’ll be using the following key:

Rating key
☺ ☺ ☺ = Great product. I’m using it, love it and I highly recommend it for those who seek a wellness solution to the issue the product addresses.
☺ ☺ = Good product. I’m using it, or parts of it, for now, and/or if it addresses a wellness need you have, definitely consider giving it a try.
☺ = It has merit, but I’m not personally using it. Use with caution.
☹ = Don’t bother.

Overview of the Products Reviewed:

The two products (both DVDs) you’ll learn about in this 2-post series come from the Gaiam on-line catalog, a source I use and trust for selecting helpful wellness tools. Gaiam has teamed up with the Mayo Clinic to produce a new series of DVDs: Wellness Solutions from Gaiam and Mayo Clinic. Let me give you a brief snapshot of the Wellness Solutions series overall.

At the time of this review, the series contains 10 products. Each one focuses on a different chronic condition, from Arthritis to Fibromyalgia. They all feature integrated health action plans designed to help you manage health challenges and take charge of your health.

Each DVD in the series begins with 30-minutes of conversational presentations by several Mayo Clinic Specialists. Next, a Mayo Clinic dietitian teaches what to eat and what to avoid with respect to the specific condition that the DVD addresses. Finally, a yoga expert guides you through a 40-minute yoga segment, containing condition-specific relaxation poses and meditation exercises.

I’ve selected the following DVD for the first review:

mayo-back.jpeg1. Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Solutions for Back Pain

Product Description:
“Mayo Clinic, one of the top medical centers in the country, and GAIAM, the health and wellness experts, team up to bring you this groundbreaking, integrated health action plan designed specifically to relieve back pain.”
– from the product’s back cover

DVD (93 mins) and BONUS: 52-page My Stress Solution booklet.

Price: $20.00 U.S.

WellnessCoach Assessment

This DVD is a wonderful tool to help you cultivate better health and supplement your current back care program. The information, dietary tips, and back-health specific yoga stretches are expertly presented. And the bonus booklet, My Stress Solution, makes this a truly integrated program. (As with any program, be sure to consult with your doctor to be sure this is right for you.)

Strengths of the product/content:
1. The integrated approach is comprehensive (expert information, tips for healthy diet, gentle yoga and meditation)
2. The My Stress Solution booklet contains a thorough stress management action plan including stress assessments, and relaxation tips. It’s easy to understand and use, and contains a 1-page summary of the key tips presented on the DVD.
3. Dr. Bret Bauer presents a warm, personable, and expertly informative overview of the Mayo Clinic’s integrative treatment approach.
4. The detailed physiological information about back care and back pain are thorough and yet easy to understand.
5. The Grocery shopping tips for selecting nutritious foods convey the importance of making healthy choices.
6. The dietitian gives helpful tips for portion control and an overview of a plant-based diet.
7. Rodney Yee is a nationally known yoga instructor and having his participation here further adds to the value of this program. The poses are great for beginners and more importantly are specific to back care and stress relief.
8. The DVD is presented in eco-friendly packaging.

Weaknesses of the product/content:
1. While the dietitian presents absolutely impeccable and expert advice, she appears to be quite young and this may be an obstacle for some in accepting her credibility.
2. The eco-friendly packaging can potentially scratch the DVDs. Be careful when removing the DVD or placing it into the package.

My Personal Experience:
As someone whose back has been through many challenges, I’ve been a big proponent of healthy back strategies for many years. I was excited to try this program.

I watched the 3-part DVD in two stages.
First I watched Parts 1 and 2 for information. I got a solid overview of the integrative approach and Mayo Clinic experts discussed back care physiology, options, dietary strategies and food selection tips.

As a nutrition educator, the dietary information wasn’t new to me, but I enjoyed the presentation and found it to be affirming of what advice I follow myself. While I do eat a blood-type diet for a Type O, (I consume grass fed beef and organic free-range poultry), overall, my diet is predominantly plant-based as the DVD suggests it should be.

I liked that alternative approaches to back care, such as acupuncture, were also included in the strategies presented, as it fits with my belief in integrated programs. Parts 1 and 2 left me feeling very informed and ready for part 3.

I watched part 3, the yoga and meditation segment, later in the day.
I changed into my sweats and carved out 40 minutes for a yoga and meditation session, and followed along as I watched Part 3 (Soothing Therapies).

The meditations were peaceful. For the yoga component, I had my yoga mat in place, but I had to stop a few times throughout and go grab a few props from around the house. These included 2 blankets, a yoga strap and a yoga block to sit on. A better strategy would have been to watch the whole routine first and then I’d have known what I needed. The poses were gentle and felt great on my back. Some of them were new to me and I liked that.

I spent some time the following day, using the Bonus My Stress Solution action guide booklet. The assessments are good tools for evaluating stress levels and coping styles, and I got some good feedback. I liked the last page summary of key tips on the DVD.

I plan on keeping the yoga stretches in my daily stretching regime and keeping the booklet for future reference. Since my diet is already aligned with the suggestions, and I already use the modality of acupuncture, I figure I will stay the course. I also know what my brother, who sports a chronically challenged back himself, is getting for his birthday:)

Overall Product Rating: ☺ ☺+

Tune in on Thursday this week for a review of another DVD I’m testing out in this series, Wellness Solutions for Menopause.

EARTH-FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS Wellness Product Reviews: Part 4 of 4

earthglobe.jpgThanks for tuning in for the 4th post in this Wellness Product Review Series. We’ve now looked at products from the Detox Diet Front, the Fitness Front and, in the previous post about Acai Green Tea, from the Healthy Food & Beverage Front. Today, I report on products from another Front altogether.

If you’re a new reader, a scan of my posts will tell you that my view of Wellness encompasses a substantially large arena. My definition of Wellness includes paying attention to the quality of what we put into our bodies, minds, and spirits as well as what we put into the world around us.

On that note, today I’m turning my attention to Earth-Friendly cleaning products that will bring wellness to your outer world and in so doing will contribute to your overall wellbeing.

As a reminder, here is the key to the rating system I use:
☺ ☺ ☺ = Great product. I’m using it and love it. Go get it. (Or make it:)
☺ ☺ = Good product. I’m using it/own it. You might want to try it.
☺ = It has merit, but I’m not personally using it. Use with caution.
☹ = Don’t bother.


While the non-toxic carpet cleaning methods used by our Stanley Steemer guy are wonderful, I don’t call him every time a tomato-sauce- ladened plate dumps on the carpet or a glass of red wine gets knocked over. Here’s what I use when I’ve had one of those days:

Folex® Instant Carpet Spot Remover

folex.jpgProduct Description: “Folex is a Water Based Non-Ionic Surfactant. Water Based means that it uses water to wash the stain away, for safety, and virtually residue free cleaning. Unlike soap, solvents, or oil based cleaners that can be smelly, toxic, flammable, leave a sticky residue, or damage the carpet backing. Folex is also: Non-Flammable, contains no solvents of any kind; Odor-Free, no unpleasant chemicals; and CFC and Petroleum Free.” [Folex Website Description]

Price: $7.99 (At Safeway. And I see Home and Beyond sells it for $6.88)

WellnessCoach Assessment:
I’m not sure there is much more to say, so I’ll re-iterate: Water-based, Non-toxic, Non-flamable, Odor-free, CFC and Petroleum-free. Plus it really works, which is probably why it’s been around 30 years.

My Personal Experience:
I swear that my housekeeper’s cleaning concoction (a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and water) cleans most things around my home and office. But it just doesn’t do the trick for getting stains and spots out of white or light-colored carpet. That’s a job for Folex (and no, I don’t get paid for the promotion, I jut believe in the stuff.) I’m extremely sensitive to fumes, toxic cleaners, etc., and I think the earth just might be too. So when I use this, we both win:)

Overall Rating: ☺ ☺☺

Earth-Friendly Products you Probably Have on Hand:

– A solution of vinegar and water will clean mirrors and glass
– Vingar, baking soda and water clean most cleanable surfaces
– Salt and vinegar clean copper pots and other things copper-made
– Line a glass baking dish with aluminum foil, sprinkle in baking soda, set your sterling silver jewelry or utensils in the dish, pour boiling water over the top an voilka – clean and shiny and a smiling earth.

What tips do you have? Please share!

P.S. A big winter thank you to the folks over at the Liz Strauss Open Mic night. They don’t know it but they helped keep me on track tonight. Thanks to Liz, Tim, Eric, Erik, Glenda , Karen , Suzie and Brooke

For the Love of Tea – A Wellness Product Review

green-tea.jpgWelcome back for the next installment in my Wellness Product Review Series. Last week, I reported from the Fitness Front with a review of the Yoga to the Rescue DVD. Today, I’m reporting in with a short snippet from the Healthy Food and Beverage Front. (Just a moment while I take a sip of tea here…. Ahh.)

Okay, here’s a reminder of the rating system I use in this series:

Rating key:
☺ ☺ ☺ = Great product. I’m using it and love it.
☺ ☺ = Good product. I’m using it. For now.
☺ = It has merit, but I’m not personally using it. Use with caution.
☹ = Don’t bother.

If you’re a green tea lover, and also keen on getting an extra share of super antioxidants from acai (ah-sigh-ee), this just might be your new favorite tea.

Acai Green Tea by The Republic of Tea®

republic-of-tea.jpgProduct Description: “Acai berry is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. For centuries, inhabitants of the amazon rainforest have gathered these berries from the acaizeiro palm tree for their powerful health benefits. This deep purple fruit has the rich flavors of concord grape and ripe blueberries…Green tea has been revered for centuries in the Far East for its health-enhancing properties.” Republic of Tea®

Price: $9.50 U.S. for 50 Tea Bags

WellnessCoach Assessment:
Acai, a “superfruit”, is rich in the antioxidants known as polyphenols. So is green tea. Putting the two together was brilliant on the part of the Republic of Tea (and no, I’m not paid to endorse them:) You’ll find tons of research that shows these polyphenols will help guard the body against the harmful molecules known as free radicals (which can cause heart disease, premature aging, and certain forms of cancer.)

My Personal Experience:
I’ve been drinking this tea fairly consistently since I got it last month — say an average of 2-3 cups a day. I like the flavor – a bit tart and a bit sweet. I don’t use a sweetener in it, but I don’t use one in any tea. It tastes heartier than straight green tea, and if you’ve ever had straight acai juice, you know what I mean. (If not, you can buy straight acai juice at the health food store and test it out…and let me know what you think.)

Anyway, since I’m a plain-green-tea lover by nature and don’t always want the addition of the acai flavor, I stick to straight green tea in the morning and sip this tea throughout the day. I like that this Acai Green Tea gives me a double dose of antioxidants, so I plan on keeping it in my weekly tea regime for now.

Overall Rating: ☺ ☺

Stay tuned: next in the series, I’ll review an environmentally-friendly cleaning product your carpet and spills shouldn’t be without. I know I said I’d do it this time, but cold weather blew in and a mug of the tea was calling my name…you know how it is:)

Got Wellness Products You Recommend? Add a comment and share!

WELLNESS PRODUCT REVIEWS: Part 2 of 4 Reviewed: Yoga to the Rescue DVD

yoga-woman.jpgWelcome back to my Wellness Product Review Series. In the prior post of the series, I reported from the Nutrition Front with a review of the Detox Diet (the book and the plan itself.) Today, I’m reporting from the Fitness Front.

As a reminder, here is the key to the rating system I use:
☺ ☺ ☺ = Great product. I’m using it and love it. Go get it.
☺ ☺ = Good product. I’m using it/own it. You might want to try it.
☺ = It has merit, but I’m not personally using it. Use with caution.
☹ = Don’t bother.

You’ll love adding this gentle yoga program to your day…especially if you spend a good portion of it either on your feet or hunched at a computer:)

DVD: “Yoga to the Rescue” with Desiree Rumbaugh

yoga-dvd.jpg Product Description: “Relieve your aching neck, back, shoulders, wrists, and feet with this gentle yoga practice…these simple exercises stretch, strengthen, and massage joints and muscles from head to toe, leaving you refreshed and restored.” From the Acacia website.

Price: $14.99 U.S.
Routine: Approx 60 min.
Available at: Acacia website, and Borders

WellnessCoach Assessment:
Good for all levels, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Especially friendly for those who have low flexibility or fitness levels or have shied away from yoga because of chronic pain. Good for a mid-day break when you spend hours at the computer, as well as a refreshing way to start or end the day. Instructor is experienced and has an engaging teaching style. As with all fitness regimes, check with your health practitioner to see if this program is appropriate for you.

My Personal Experience:
I absolutely love the yoga routine on this DVD. Even though I’ve practiced Chi Gong and done gentle yoga stretches for years, I like to add new routines to the mix now and then – but I’m fussy. The movements have to be gentle enough for me to take care of my back and yet provide a routine that helps me strengthen my joints and muscles. This one does both and truly does what it says – leaves me refreshed and restored. I enjoy Desiree’s approach and finish the DVD looking forward to the next time.

Overall Rating: ☺ ☺ ☺

Special Note: I just discovered that Desiree Rumbaugh will be at Borders Bayside Commons location in Burlington MA for in-store demonstration and signing of the DVD on February 10th at 4pm ET

Stay tuned: next up in the series I’ll review an environmentally-friendly cleaning product your carpet and spills shouldn’t be without:)

Got Wellness Products You Recommend? Let us know!