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Great! Here are our COACHING OPTIONS for 2015:


1) Tapping into the Energy of Money  6-Session Teleclass Series

“Here is a powerful principle that financially successful people already know: money is only energy. It is not good nor bad, spiritual or non-spiritual. The question is, how are you going to use this energy: to frustrate or fuel your goals and dreams?” — Dr. Maria Nemeth

This group coaching class is not for sissies! It’s for entrepreneurs who are willing to deeply explore their relationship with the energy of money, face their self-imposed  limits, and become open to financial success beyond their current levels.

In this group, you will “live out loud” about your relationship with money, study Maria Nemeth’s ground-breaking and world-renowned book, The Energy of Money, embrace author Rick Carson’s Gremlin-Taming Method®, and participate in proven tapping (EFT®) methods for clearing self-imposed limits and old patterns.

You’ll also have the option of attending an individual coaching session between sessions 2 and 3, and work privately with Erica. Come ready to work, grow, and expand in ways you haven’t yet begun to imagine. [Graduates are eligible for the advanced course, “7 Sacred Attitudes® for Wealth Manifestation.”]

Teleclass Series – Six  75-minute  calls 

Limited Enrollment;  pre-class interview required


• 6-session Teleclass Series – $427  

• optional 40-minute individual session: $99

Email* us to Register for next 2015 Program: info (at) wellnesscoach (dot) com

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Course Agenda :

Session One: Setting the Foundation & The Hero’s Purpose (following Dr. Nemeth’s book with introduction to EFT® “tapping”)

Principle 1: Your Greatest Power Is to Be Willing

Principle 2: Your Intentions and Integrity Harness the Energy of Money

Principle 3: Goals Focus Your Money Energy

Tapping Focus: Your Old Story

Also: Declaring Life’s Intentions & Standards of Integrity


Session Two: Identifying the Inner Blocks to Progress (following Dr. Nemeth’s book with intro to Gremlin Taming® method and tapping work)

Principle 4: Driven Behavior Wastes Money Energy

Principle 5: Scarcity Is One of Your Greatest Teachers

Tapping Focus: Identifying Blocks to asking for what you want

Also: Your New Story



Individual 30-minute coaching sessions are arranged at time of sign-up and are held the week between sessions 2 and 3. Limited to 10 people.


Session Three: Clearing the Path (following Dr. Nemeth’s book with EFT® “tapping”)

Principle 6: Transforming Inner Blocks Liberates Money Energy

Principle 7: Releasing Old Beliefs Brings Miracles

Tapping Focus: Releasing the decision to be invisible & claiming your brilliance


Session Four: More Clearing the Path (following Dr. Nemeth’s book with EFT® “tapping”)

Principle 8: Forgiveness Unleashes Money Energy

Principle 9: Making and Keeping Promises Moves You Along Your Path

Tapping Focus: Forgiveness of self and others around old money issues

Also: How to craft a daily practice


Session Five: Giving Voice to Your Mission & Declaring A Daily Practice

• Tapping Focus: Giving Voice to your mission

• Declare your personal daily practice

• 15 minute group meditation “Abundance Alignment”

Homework – Principle 10: Obstacles Can Lead to Breakthroughs (from  Dr. Nemeth’s book)


Session Six: Staying the Course (following Dr. Nemeth’s book, with EFT® “tapping”)

Principle 11: Mutual Support Increases Your Power

Principle 12: The Gateway to Abundance Is Gratitude

Also: Declaring next steps

As graduates of Maria Nemeth’s Energy of Money® course, graduates of the Gremlin Taming Institute’s® year-long program with Founder Rick Carson, and devotees of the work of both of these mentors, our facilitators are honored to embrace their work and present their understanding of it to you. This work, combined with the EFT® work they’ll present, and lessons they’ll share of their own journey, willingness and commitment to  being financially successful, will pave the way for you to move powerfully forward with ease and grace toward your goals and dreams.

Email us now to register: info (at) wellnesscoach (dot) com


2) “Soup to Nuts” 8-Week Business Coaching Group Program

Starting a new wellness coaching business can be overwhelming. You provide excellent wellness coaching to your clients, attend networking events, know you should have a website (or have one but haven’t made the most of  the one you do have yet), are trying to learn the ins and outs of social media, manage your own bookkeeping (sort of) and hope to have a business plan “someday”.

You also know that if you keep up the Lone Ranger approach, your business won’t get off the ground and you’ll fall short of your own wellness goals in the process! Take heart. The Business Coaching Groups are for first-time entrepreneur wellness coaches  who want to clear the decks and easily bring about their business success!

Working in small (4-6 person) groups, we’ll cover everything from “soup to nuts” about your entrepreneurial journey. Topics include: Writing a Vision Statement; Social Media 101; Defining Success; Targeting Your Niche Market; Website Success Factors; Networking; Blog Post Secrets; Creating a Revenue Model, and; Writing a Business Plan.

You’ll get in-session group coaching, have between-call assignments and goals, team up with an accountability partner and have one 30-minute individual business coaching session with one of our rock-star business coaches.

8-week Program consists of: 

• 7 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (60-minutes each)

• 1 30-minute individual coaching session (held week #4)

price: $697

Groups start each quarter. Email to register: info (at) wellness coach (dot) com (Full for 2015 – email to be on waitlist or for 2016)


3. Private Coaching for Business Success

Our business coaches work with a limited number of private clients each year.

Private coaching with our coaches is a significant investment — one that will help you transform your wellness coaching business and your life.

As you build a thriving Wellness Coaching business that grows and evolves over time, you may want individual support and one-on-one mentoring as you do. Private coaching may be right for you if:

• You are ready to play at a higher level

• You are committed, not just interested, in your own  success

• You seriously want to  get out of  your own way and let your brilliance be visible

• You are willing to do the inner work as well as the outer work to do so

• You want a mentor coach with a strong success record and the capacity to hold you to your potential

• You are ready to be a wellness coach rock star!

Are you ready for transformation?

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If you’d like to set up a brief consulting call to discuss which coaching option would work best for you, or to discuss our business coaching approach in general, please send an email to:

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