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We’re glad to share a few of our favorite resources with you. Enjoy!


balkin1. The Laws of Change: I Ching and the Philosophy of Life by Jack M. Balkin.

From the back cover: “How can people cultivate themselves and structure their behavior so as to ensure the greatest chances of success in a complicated world?…These questions are…central  to the human condition. And the lessons that the Book of Changes offers concerning them are as valid today as they were in ancient China.”

gremlin2. Taming Your Gremlin® by Rick Carson.

This book presents Rick’s “surprisingly simple” method for getting out of your own way. And while the method of what Rick calls, “simply noticing” your Gremlin® is simple, it’s not easy…instead, it’s a life-long process and a surefire guide to Enjoying Yourself.


get-clients-now11. Get Clients Now® by C.J. Hayden.

This book won’t be sitting on your bookshelf, it’ll be right beside you guiding your action. You’ll learn how to select the right marketing strategies and create a customized 28-day plan that quickly gets you into action so you can start seeing results. Contains proven marketing strategies to help you increase your client base.


co-active-coaching2. Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives by K. Kinsey-House, H. House, & P. Sandahl. This world-wide coaches’ resource book originally helped launch the coaching profession. Fully revised in September, 2011, this third edition presents the expanded and updated Co-Active Coaching model. It contains checklists, reproducible forms, and over 35 exercises.



1. The Keys program by Maharaji.

From the website, “Prem Rawat, also known by the honorary title Maharaji, has traveled the world for more than three decades inspiring people to find peace within.”

Maharaji offers the centuries-old techniques (that he calls Knowledge) that will help you access the experience of peace and fulfillment within. Knowledge helps you experience an enjoyment of life independent of circumstance.

2. Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosynch Program by Bill Harris.

This scientifically proven brain technology system can help you “meditate deeper than a Zen monk” at the touch of a button. Click here to receive a free demo.

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