Find a Wellness Coach

Find The Right Wellness Coach For You!

Congratulations on your decision to engage a Wellness Coach to help you meet your Wellness Goals. Finding the right Wellness Coach will make all the difference in your success.

We keep an active list on file of fabulous wellness coaches with specialties including:

• ADD/ADHD • Hormonal Imbalance
• Children’s Wellness • Men’s Health & Wellness
• Corporate Wellness • Nutrition
• Fitness • Stress Management
• Food Allergies • Weight Loss
• Healthy Living • Women’s Health & Wellness

Please send us an email including your name and phone number to: info (at) wellnesscoach (dot) com so we can match you up with the best wellness coach to meet your needs.

The Wellness Coaches we have on file operate their own Wellness Coaching businesses.* We will be pleased to present their contact information to you when you contact us. Be sure to read our article How to Hire a Great Wellness Coach in 3 Powerful Steps to guide you in your due diligence. Then you can take your time, clarify your wellness goals, and call the Wellness Coach to arrange an informational interview.

We wish you the very best in this important step of your Wellness Journey!


* All wellness coaches we have on file have agreed to show you proof of their certifications, credentials, and/or licenses if asked and keep their contact information current. While we have reviewed their websites and met them, does not guarantee, control, nor actively endorse the work of these wellness coaches and they are not employees or agents of You agree to hold harmless in your work with the wellness coaches whose info we provide to you. Do your due diligence and check with your primary care health practitioner before engaging the services of a Wellness Coach.