2013 Wellness Coach’s Success Calendar


Do you want to build a successful Wellness Coaching Business? Overwhelmed with all the details of entrepreneurship? Are you asking yourself:

• Which action-items are important?

• How do I stay on track?

• Which motivational and business books should I be reading?

My new 2013 Wellness Coach’s Success Calendar will help you find the answers you are looking for.


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Presented in a clear calendar format, with a step-by-step action plan for each month, this informative and comprehensive calendar is hot off the WellnessCoach.com press! It contains tips, inspirational quotes, monthly themes, and the actions you’ll want to be sure to take as you craft your entrepreneurial Wellness Coaching Business!

The 2013 Wellness Coach’s E-Calendar includes:

  • Motivational quotes for wellness coaches
  • Holidays
  • Monthly To Do’s
  • Monthly Focus Themes & Activities
  • Reminder checklists
  • Business building activities
  • Tax and corporation checklists
  • Links to top books, CDs and mp3’s for marketing, motivation, business success and wellness.

Click here to see a sample page from the calendar.

BUY YOUR COPY TODAY FOR $4.99! You’ll be taking the next step forward in confidence as you create your successful Wellness Coaching Business! You’ll also receive a few announcements each year of our latest news!

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