8 Tips for Wellness

Luke Houghton’s  post today in his Business Thinking Blog, is called “8 Things I have Learned About Success.” What I loved about reading it, is that every single one of the items on the list also pertains to Wellness.

I’m particularly fond of tip # 7: “Be patient and take small steps daily.” Yes it’s true for success, but there  is also no better advice to be given when it comes to your wellness program. As entrpreneurs, the statistics tell us that we have a propensity for liking to do things in a big way — for tackling big projects all at once. Sometimes, (most times), when it comes to wellness, tackling things all at once (be it weight loss, a new meditation program, a new fitness routine), we are better off if we “be patient and take small steps daily.” Many thanks to the Business Thinking Blog for the reminder.