When it Comes to Wellness, What are You Building?

construction.jpgThis is the first post in the “I’ve Been
Wondering…” category. I created the category for short posts about those everyday moments that capture my attention now and again.

One of those moments occurred this morning. While standing in the kitchen, drinking the last of the glass of juice in my hand, I glanced out the window and wondered…

As they’ve been doing for many months now, the people across the street are building a new home on their lot. I’ve watched as each stage–from the bulldozer to the current addition of windows–unfolds. With each nail hammered in, each board set in place, I’ve been witnessing a dream take shape. Nothing delights me more.

As I put my juice glass down, I realized we are all building something. Every action, every word spoken or written, is contributing to our own (metaphorical) construction projects. When it comes to wellness, we can look ahead to the day and keep in mind the wellness level we want to create in body, mind, and spirit and link our actions to that dream. We can ask ourselves if a specific action, or in-action is a useful “board” in our “wellness construction project” or if it isn’t called for in the “blueprint.”

As I walked out of the kitchen, I realized the metaphor was useful to me. I’m often telling myself I’m not doing enough in my own wellness plan and forget to acknowledge the small steps I take. I shifted my perspective and saw that the juice was a small but vital part of my dream to be healthy and live a vital life for many many years.

I’d been wondering how that construction site would inform me…

What about you? When it comes to wellness, what are you building? Does the metaphor help you?