Stillpoints for Your Entrepreneurial Wellbeing

stones-leaf.jpgAre you familiar with the term Stillpoint? It’s often mentioned when discussing forms of body work, including: Osteopathy, Balanced Integrative Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and deep tissue massage. The Stillpoint is a phenomenon that occurs during the treatment.

A simple description of the Stillpoint is: the moment (usually toward the last part of a treatment) that the client’s previously active body energy or body rhythm, stops — either on its own or through conscious intent of the practitioner to stop the active rhythm — so the body can reintegrate and assimilate the changes that are being made.

Having experienced many forms of body work, I can tell you that the moment of the Stillpoint is not just palpable by the practitioner, but by the client as well. And whether you have had formal bodywork sessions or not, I know you know this place within you.

Perhaps you experience your personal Stillpoint when you meditate. Maybe you notice it when gazing at a candle, a sunset, your peacefully sleeping children, or while you’re painting, or digging in your garden. I find mine when I meditate, swim or hang out with horses. The Stillpoint moments of life are luscious. Making them a regular part of our wellness programs will renew our busy entrepreneurial spirits.

Manya Arond-Thomas, M.D., a brilliant consultant, (and fortunately for me, a B/Coach colleague of mine from days gone by), wrote a fabulous article back in 2004 called: “The Power of the StillPoint. No matter how much time goes by, reading her article helps me find my own Stillpoint. May it help you do the same.