Programs & Packages

Wellness Entrepreneurs: Work less…Breathe more…and Enjoy yourself as you grow stronger and more financially successful!

I coach and consult with entrepreneurs in the Wellness industry – especially those venturing into new Wellness Coaching businesses, those transforming their former businesses, alternative healthcare practitioners, and seasoned wellness coaches – to reinvigorate and/or ignite their business passion and results.

Coaching and consulting with me, you can explore many realms of entrepreneurship. For example, you can:

  • Answer the question: “What is important?”
  • Align your company’s mission with what’s important.
  • Take meaningful action that is driven from the inside out.
  • Learn how to launch comprehensive 90-day plans for success.
  • Formulate a marketing plan.
  • Make a plan for outsourcing the right things to the right people.
  • Sift through Social Media options.
  • Learn a proven inner-dialogue method for getting out of your own way.
  • Gain access to my extensive-and influential-business network to help make your vision a business reality…and an inner-directed success.

I’m glad you’re exploring the possibility of coaching. Having a business coach on my own success team has been critical in my entrepreneurial success journey. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success team.

Are you ready for remarkable results?

Great! Here are my Coaching Options for 2017:

• Blitzkrieg Session: One 90-minute session (available for all clients)

A Blitzkrieg Session is for you if: you have a list of very specific questions about your entrepreneurial business idea or plan, or you just want to talk with a seasoned entrepreneur and Wellness Coaches’ Business coach about your fears, doubts, overwhelm or concerns. We’ll blitz through as many top-priority questions on your list as we can in an hour and a half. You’ll march off knowing exactly where you’re headed, what to tweak, and what new actions and steps you’ll take next.

Call to schedule an appointment: 925-933-7445


•3-Session Focused-Strategy Package: Three 45-minute sessions plus group Q&A bonus call (available for clients who have previously completed the Mentoring package)

This package includes three 45-minute calls, one bonus group Q&A call with other clients, and email access to me between appointments. The package is designed to be used within a 2-month period and can be appropriate 3, 6 or 9 months after completing a full mentoring program. It gives you full support to make focused progress on a specific part of your Wellness Coaching business plan. Examples of areas that you might target are: polishing or tweaking a clear vision and mission; re-defining or further defining your market; creating a marketing plan, or; creating quarterly and annual business plans.

Let’s discover if this is right for you! Call for a strategy discussion: 925-933-7445


• Year-long Mentoring Coaching Program: (available for qualified clients)

As you build a thriving Wellness Coaching business that grows and evolves over time, you may want more comprehensive support and mentoring as you do. If so, the mentoring package may work best for you. I mentor only 4 focused professional wellness coaches each year. The application process for the program involves a phone conversation and an on-line application to determine if we are meant to work together. The year-long program itself includes two 45-minute calls per month for 11 months, a monthly mastermind group call with the other current and past members, a private FaceBook Group where I pop in Live weekly to answer questions, and email access to me between appointments. This program can also be appropriate for you if you are in process of setting up a Wellness Coaching business while still busy with your current day job.

Call to request an application: 925-933-7445



If you’d like to set up a brief consulting call to discuss which coaching option would work best for you, or to discuss my coaching approach in general, please send an email to: erica at ericarosskrieger dot com