Digestive Wellness For Body And Business – Part 3 of 3

The Digestion Metaphor for Entrepreneurs Revisited
The last two posts have focused on the following wellness affirmation and have provided tips for applying it to your entrepreneurial body and business:

“My intake, assimilation and elimination are in Divine Order.”

So…moving right along with this three-part article, let’s turn our attention to the third part of the metaphor – the process of “moving right along” (a.k.a. elimination) and the roll it plays in our bodies and our businesses.

trash-can.jpgSpotlight on Elimination
for Body Wellness

Regular exercise, meditation, relaxation, and healthy diets that include lots of fiber and water all help our bodies eliminate what is no longer needed. This process of elimination is no more and no less important in our digestive health than intake or assimilation. And just like the other pieces of the equation, it is critical to our wellbeing.

Dr. Andrew Weil wrote a fabulous article on the subject, with tips, actions, and supplements to help keep your body “moving right along.” Check it out here:


Try This:

Fill a clear glass pitcher with at least eight 8-oz glasses of fresh water. Add lemon or cucumber slices. Notice the simple beauty and make a mental note that this water will aid in your digestive wellness. Stop throughout your day and with gratitude, drink to your health.

Spotlight on Elimination for Business Wellness
As it does with our bodies, the process of elimination in our businesses needs to be a regular activity. We can sometimes forget that in order to make room for new ideas, new things, new relationships, and new clients, we may have to let go of some of our old things, relationships and clients. Taking time to prune and eliminate weeds that have grown in our businesses is just as important as planting new seeds.

A daily or weekly practice of eliminating junk mail, old email that has stacked up in that in-box, and magazine stacks may already be a part of your regular routine. Do you do the same with outdated ideas, processes, methods, or systems? Do you review them and toss those that no longer serve you?

Try This:
Taking time to identify what can be eliminated is an invaluable activity. Slow down enough this week to do so. Over a tall, cool glass of that water you poured for yourself, take note of your:

– what has served me well but is no longer useful here?
– what nine items from my office can I toss out this week? (this is a feng shui practice and great to do routinely)
– what can I give away?

– how do I deal with proposals, phone calls, marketing, invoices, accounting? Are my methods and procedures serving me? Does any method or procedure need to be tossed out and a new one developed?

– what needs to be eliminated when it comes to my relationships with vendors, clients, or staff?
– what do I need to stop doing I these relationships? (there is always a “stop doing” on the other side of a “start doing” – what is it? Stop procrastinating? Stop pretending? Stop tolerating?)

I think entrepreneurs can get so busy deciding what we need to start doing, we can forget about the process of elimination. Yet just like the other components of the Digestion metaphor, elimination plays a critical role in entrepreneurial wellness:

“My intake, assimilation and elimination are in Divine Order.”

May your body and business be in Divine Order.