Wellness Coaches and Wellness Practitioners: 10 Ways to Leverage Your Time and Brilliance

Time And MoneyThis little post is about a big concept: Leverage – the brilliant idea of doing more with each word you write, each talk you give and each class you give. It certainly is the most brilliant idea for business and life that I’ve ever embraced.

Leverage is making the most of each action. You might say it’s the “green approach” to managing the Wellness information that you and your Wellness business provide. Leverage is really the economical approach to energy output. It’s making the most of your valuable time and energy.

There are lots of ways to save and maximize time in your business day. You probably know many of them. In your quest to stop being the Lone Ranger and doing everything yourself, you may have already: hired a virtual assistant; got a great bookkeeper; and stock up quarterly on office supplies, batteries and copier ink cartridges. But how about leveraging the information that you provide as a way to maximize your time, brilliance and energy output?

Leveraging the Wellness information that you provide is a key business habit to develop. Each time you provide information to one or more clients, simply ask yourself these questions: “How can I leverage this information so that it will reach many more people?” “How can I repurpose, reuse, recycle and/or add spice to this information so that it can go farther out into the world?”

Here are 10 Ways to Leverage Your Time and Brilliance:

1. Record* your teleclasses, turn them into MP3 products, and post them on your website or blog;

2. Record* the upcoming Wellness presentations you’ll be giving, turn them into MP3 products, and post them on your website or blog;

3. Gather a few current clients, give them a free 1-hour teleclass or in-person presentation, record* the session and create an MP3 product.

4. Write a blog post, then copy it, tweak if needed and submit it as an article to wellness magazines, trade journals, on-line publications.

5. Gather all past blog posts. Identify the top 10-20 most juicy, most commented-on and most relevant posts. Assemble them and create a simple Free Top Wellness Posts ebook. Voila! A new product made from re-purposed material.

6. Finishing up with a client? Make it a habit to ask for a testimonial. Then send a sample testimonial via email to make it easier for them to write their own.

7. Give a new, inspiring, free presentation, lecture, or talk at a health club or day spa…and record it (getting permission from the venue manager and attendees to do so)*. Get emails and names from attendees to build your own list (also clear this ahead of time with the venue manager.). Give out self-addressed postcards at the end of the talk and ask for a one-sentence testimonial about their experience. Turn the recording into an MP3 and post on your site. (Lots of leverage here.)

8. Join groups on Facebook and/or LinkedIn where your potential clients are hanging out. Notice the top questions being asked. Join the conversation, give freely of your opinion and information. Then make notes of your general responses and types of questions being asked, keeping confidential all references to specific people. Expand your answers and use as the basis for a new blog post. (Example: Someone in a group I’m a part of asked about ways to save time. I answered briefly then expanded the idea for this post.)

9. Next time you place an ad in a newspaper or on-line, make it MORE than an announcement of who you are. Leverage the opportunity and put a give-away item right into the ad. (Example: Nancy Smith, RDA, 123 Main Street, 123-555-1234, specialist in weight loss. Call me for a free 20-minute wellness strategy session.)

10. Hire someone to transcribe any recordings* into written text. Use this information for blog pots, articles, and information products.


*Note: anytime you record a teleclass, lecture or presentation, it is critical, ethical, respectful and lawful that you get permission to record the session from those in attendance. Preferably in writing.


You are a reservoir of incredibly valuable information. Yes, others may know some of the same or similar information, but the way that you deliver that information, like your thumbprint, is unique to you.

That thumbprint of you is what your clients come to you for and return to you for. When you provide information with your thumbprint, you need to focus on making it go far and wide and to do so as easily as possible.

Imbed the concept of leverage into your mind. Doing so is simply a matter of applying some Environmental Awareness to your business environment. So when it comes to information that you provide:

• Reuse what you can.

• Recycle what you can.

• Renew, refresh and re-gift what you can.

• Record and Transcribe as much as you can.

To Your Wellth,


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