Jigsaw-Puzzle Wisdom for Your Health & Wellness Business

I confess. I adore putting jigsaw puzzles together. The big ones. The 1000-piece size. The entire process of putting them together delights me no end.

From the joy of selecting which puzzle I’ll buy, to the sound of the pieces rattling around as I rummage through the box, to the trial and error method I resort to when I’m assembling a huge section of all blue sky. I love it all. I even like pulling the whole puzzle apart when I’m finished, and returning the pieces to the box. It’s a Zen thing for me. And the practice itself helps my business. How?

When we apply “jigsaw puzzle wisdom” to growing and maintaining successful health & wellness businesses, we find a rich source of material. Borrow these 10 jigsaw-puzzle tips, adapt them (as suggested) to your business, and watch what unfolds!

1. Take your time selecting your puzzle — be sure the picture is one you want to embrace for a while. [i.e. Take time to choose your goals for the year]

2. Keep your eye on the big picture you are creating, the entire time. [i.e. Review your goals often, keep a vision board or mind movie]

3. Trust. When you start, and you look at all those loose pieces, you’ll be excited because you know with certainty that, as my favorite teachers, Esther (& Jerry & Abraham) of Abraham-Hicks are fond of saying, “you are in the perfect position to get ‘there’ from ‘here’”…and you’ll trust the process. [i.e. Use Abraham’s words as a mantra this year.]

4. Focus on one small task or area at a time…be that the border, sorting colors, or just putting the trees together. [i.e. small steps and habits done continuously will move you to your goals this year. Big leaps not required and often lead to set-backs.]

5. Enjoy the entire process of putting this together – all of it…even the part where you can’t find a piece. Yet. As soon as you shift your attention to what you want and away from what you don’t have, then let go, and the piece will be there. [Need I say more]

6. Stay present. Commit to enjoyment the whole time – from the sound of the pieces in the box as you rumble around and sift through them to picking out “just the edge pieces.” From finding “just the sky pieces” to placing each and every piece into the puzzle in its own time. [i.e. This is the only moment where your body lives…learn from that.]

7. Appreciation Perspective. Remind yourself that you do this not just for the end result, but for the fun of the game. [A journal of appreciation for the work you did today can be a great habit to foster this.]

8. Refresh. If it starts being anything but enjoyable, or you can’t keep a smile on your face – take a break, get up and move around or outside, do something else, shift your attention to another section of the puzzle, or just stop for a while. [Swear by this and you’ll be happier, more productive, and probably get more fresh air.]

9. Reconnect. Take a time out every so often and look at the finished picture on the box so you reconnect with where you are heading. [A reminder of #2. Are you reviewing your goals regularly? Your vision for the year?]

10. New puzzles, new dreams. Know that when you are “complete”, it won’t be long before you want to do a new puzzle…know that it is the process that delights you. [i.e. as you reach your goals, new dreams will form. Capture them as the year unfolds. We never “get it all done”, we just keep expanding!]

Any other jigsaw-puzzle tips to share?


To Your Wellth,