Wellness Coaches: 8 Questions for a Softer End-of-Year Business Review

end-of-year-reviewYes, the end of the year is an important time for reviewing the “hard” data of your business results. Yes, you do need to check out the P&L, look at goals met, goals unmet, market trends, social media results, and other hard numbers that measure overall business success. You know this and you do this. So how about taking time for a “soft” review of your business as well?

Each year at this time, you’ll find me spending quiet time with a mug of tea, a notebook and a pen, and a smile of delight on my face. You would have found me this way this morning, sitting in my favorite overstuffed chair, wearing my favorite old jeans and doing a “soft” review of 2011 for WellnessCoach.com I used a process for this review that I adore.

The process I used for a “soft” end-of-year review was presented to me many years ago in a Four-Fold-Way® workshop by cultural anthropologist and author Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. I am grateful for such a powerful tool and honored to use it to review my personal and professional life each year.

It is with great respect for Dr. Arrien’s work that I present her “Year-End Journal Questions” process below. I invite you to join me in this wonderful way of looking at your own life and business at this time of the year.

Year-End Journal Questions

By Angeles Arrien, Ph.D*

Looking back at this last year:

(answer each question as it pertains to: 1. yourself; 2. your relationships; 3. your business/work; and 4. your community)

  1. Where have (you, your relationships, your business, your community) been strengthened this year?
  2. What has softened in _____this year?
  3. What has deepened (integrated or fallen into place) this year within me, my relationships, my work, or my community?
  4. What has opened (what’s new, what have I learned, where am I being stretched) this year within the nature of my relationships, my work, my community and myself?

Looking ahead at the upcoming year:

(answer each question as it pertains to: 1. yourself; 2. your relationships; 3. your business/work; and 4. your community)

  1. What’s CALLING to be strengthened in (me, my relationships,  my business, my community) in the upcoming year?
  2. What’s CALLING to be softened in_____in the upcoming year?
  3. What’s CALLING to be deepened (integrated) this upcoming year within myself, my relationships, my work, and my community this upcoming year?
  4. What’s CALLING to be opened (learned, started, acquired, stretched) within my nature this upcoming year with regard to me, my relationships my work and my community?

I believe we decide to become entrepreneurs not only for the great contributions our businesses can make to the world – and not only to generate profit, but also for the way our businesses will in fact deepen us and help us grow on every level.

Doing this exercise for myself and my business, I see that I have grown stronger, been softened, deepened and learned so much this last year as a result of my entrepreneurial journey that my heart is singing. My business is calling me forth to do even more meaningful work in the year ahead.

May you also enjoy doing a “soft” review of your business this season and see how much you have grown personally as a result. Please stop by and let me know how it goes.


Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A.

Master Business Coach and Founder, WellnessCoach.com

*Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., as a cultural anthropologist, researched, created, and synthesized the Four-Fold Way® program. It’s currently used in medical, academic, and corporate environments. Angeles is also an award-winning author, educator, and consultant to many organizations and businesses. Her Four-Fold Way book has been translated worldwide into ten languages. Angeles lectures and conducts workshops internationally, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology, and comparative religions. Her work reveals how perennial wisdoms are relevant to our families, professions, and our relationship to the Earth. She is the President of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. You can learn more about Angeles and her work at: http://www.AngelesArrien.com Her seminal work is also presented in her book, The Four-Fold Way.