Wednesday Wellness Recipe for Busy Entrepreneurs

As much as I am a proponent of the Slow Food Movement, and will post tomorrow about Eating with Mindfulness, I am also a realist and a busy entrepreneur. Sometimes, I just plan the day with a short window of time for breakfast. But wellness is also my priority. So on those gotta-get-going days, I head to the freezer and draw from my stash of frozen fruit* to make a flax shake. Here’s the recipe:

Fruit Flaxshake

4 oz. Almond Milk
4 oz. Rice Milk
1 Tbs. ground flax seeds
2 Tbs. rice protein powder (I use the Nutribiotic brand. In most health food stores.)
1 cup fresh or frozen fruit. (Peaches work well for all Blood Types.)

Blend together. Serves 1 busy entrepreneur.

End of summer tip:
While the weather is still warm, and the end-of-summer organic fresh fruit is still present at your farmer’s market or health food store, stock up. Freeze berries, sliced peaches, and chunks of banana for good-for-you quick flax shakes.