The Heart of the Matter: YOUR Well-Being First

anatomical-2023188_1280During the emergency safety procedure rap on airplanes, we hear flight attendants tell parents: “…put on your oxygen mask first, then place masks on your children.”

Sure, you can use this statement to remember that you can serve others better when you take care of yourself first…but you don’t have to frequent the skies more often to get a daily dose of the same message. You’ve got a “built in” reminder much closer to home.

Did you know that your heart already gets the idea? Yup. Your heart is a more intelligent pump than you may realize. When your nice bright-red oxygenated blood returns to your heart from your lungs, your heart bathes ITSELF first with that newly oxygenated blood, before pumping it out again to the rest of your body. This is no small matter. Your heart takes care of its OWN well-being first. It “knows” how important it is to do so.

I invite you to use this information as a metaphor this week. Stop often during the day and place your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. Imagine the newly oxygenated blood nourishing your heart first and then the rest of your body. Take a moment to think about the metaphor and take care of yourself. Whether it’s stopping for a glass of water, getting some fresh air, or stretching your limbs, YOUR well-being must come first. It’s written in your heart.