California Fires – Time to Reach Out

helping-hands.jpgIn Know More Media today, Hal Halliday reminds us that good business is helping others when they need it. His post tells how U-Haul affiliates are offering 30 days of free storage to Southern California families who need to move their belongings away from the raging fires. The post also lists the 26 U-Haul facilities for these families to contact.

I’m thankful for the idea, as my own sense of helplessness had me stuck. My brother and his family, as well as many of our friends, are all impacted by the fires, and I have just not been able to think of a thing to do to help. Reading Hal’s post, and hearing of U-Haul’s generosity reminds me to think bigger.

Today I’ll be taking action that has meaning to me — either offering a few free wellness coaching sessions to those who have lost their homes, donating books, or writing a check to the Red Cross.

What ideas do you have? Let us know.

Hallowed Treats for Goblins You Love: Promote Wellness & Help End Childhood Obesity

halloween.jpgWhat do “Halloween”, “Wellness”, and being an “Entrepreneur” all have in common? Simple. You. (That is if you live in the U.S., Italy, the U.K., Ireland, France and anywhere else that celebrates Halloween. If you don’t, perhaps you know someone who does and can pass along this post.)

Let me start by saying that I’m indulging a bit today. I’m climbing up onto my soapbox and ranting a bit about a subject that gets me fired up: Childhood Obesity. At the outset and launch of this blog, I promised to limit my rants to only once in a blue moon, and Halloween’s role in Childhood Obesity is a subject that counts as a blue moon as far as I’m concerned.

So, here’s the rant. Yes, Halloween brings out the kid in us. No matter our age, it can be fun to get dressed up in costumes and go to parties or take our costumed kids and parade around the neighborhood. And yes, treats can be part of the fun. However, treats don’t have to be sticky, gooey white-sugar-based candy, and treats don’t have to be food. So when it comes to Halloween (or anytime) “treats” for the children in our world, the usual commercial fare is just not the way to go.

You know the statistics. You see evidence all around you. Childhood obesity has reached such epidemic proportions that world health officials have decided they need to take a more aggressive approach if they are to head off a global explosion of fat-related diseases.

But I refuse to wear a colored ribbon signifying an end to the socially caused problem of Childhood Obesity. Why? I just don’t like the whole idea of colored ribbons. I don’t like saying that I am against things. I’d rather jump on the bandwagon to support the things I do believe in — like health, wellness and the freedom to engage in entrepreneurial ventures. It just seems to me that teaching and modeling health and wellness to our children is the only thing that makes sense, and in doing so…we will end childhood obesity.

That said, I’ll contradict myself for a minute and talk briefly about what I’m against. Childhood obesity is no laughing matter. In fact it’s worth crying about or at least ranting about and risking your blog readers’ disapproval. On the other hand, healthy and fit kids will contribute to a healthier future and give all of us something to smile about.

Are you thinking, as I admit I was at one point, that since your own kids, nieces, nephews or friend’s kids don’t suffer from childhood obesity that you’re off the hook? Please think again.

We are all very much on the hook. And handing out sugary treats on Halloween because it’s easier than finding creative alternatives is no excuse in my book for contributing to the epidemic.

So what can you do?

Whether from your office checkbook or from your front door on Halloween, give “Hallowed Treats” that support wellness in our children.

Here are 31 ideas (in 4 venues) for doing so:

Venue #1: Your Front Door

Instead of refined white sugar or refined flour treats this Halloween, (when sealed treats are important) give out:

– colored pencils
– gel pens in bright colors
– crayons
– whistles (be mindful that they’re not choking hazards to little goblins)
– erasers in animal shapes
– coins
– stickers
– decorated hair clips or ponytail holders
– toothbrushes
– sealed fruit cups (applesauce, etc.)
organic juice boxes (100% juice)
– string cheese
– herbal tea bags (individually wrapped)
– protein or granola bar (without sugar)
– boxes of raisins
– individual whole grain Fig cookie packs
– individual 2oz almond packs
– All Natural dark chocolate squares by Endangered Species (at Trader Joe’s)

Venue #2: Your Own Healthy Halloween Party

Host a Halloween party at your home (when sealed treats aren’t required) and serve:

– spiced apple cider
– spiced apple cake made with applesauce and spelt flour
– popcorn sprinkled with parmesan cheese or brewer’s yeast
– fresh apple slices or do the “bob for apples” bit
– fresh veggies and spiced hummus dip
– pumpkin seeds (sprinkle with Tamari and let the kids help bake)
– whole grain cookies such as Fig Newman’s
– whole grain crackers with organic almond or peanut butter
– healthy mini-pizza’s: broil whole grain English muffins with tomato sauce, raw cheese, olives, and other veggies
– pumpkin soup
non-food treats such as those on the above list

***Notice I included NO sugar-free Splenda-containing items on these lists. With good reason, but that’s a rant for another blue moon. I promise. But if you don’t want to wait til then, check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about the hazards of Splenda by clicking on the link above.

Venue #3: Your Entrepreneurial Office and/or Nearby Walking and Jogging Trail

Get Running and Take Out Your Checkbook. “Treat” the planet’s children and:

– make a donation to the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)
– sponsor your own Halloween Fun Run, the weekend prior to or following Halloween. Gather neighborhood parents and kids, ask others to chip in for each few blocks you and the kids run/walk, and raise money for KidsPeace charity to help support healthy children.

logo.jpgVenue #4: A Salad Creations® Restaurant near you

“Treat” your kids to a “Create Your Own” healthy salad and show them what fun it is to choose from the 28+ fresh ingredients.

Let me indulge a bit more and do a little shameless self-promotion. Not sure if you know or not but my husband and I are the Area Developers in the SF Bay Area for the Salad Creations® franchise. We’re downright proud of the fact that Salad Creations® is committed to helping kids eat healthier and to helping put an end to childhood obesity.

So click here to locate a Salad Creations® near you and take your goblins for a crunchy Halloween treat! (And if there isn’t a Salad Creations store near you just yet, call a friend or family member with kids who does live near one, and pass along the idea for this healthier Halloween “treat”.)


So there you have it. Healthy tips “masked” this Halloween as my once-in-a-blue-moon rant (of course I may post it again the day before Halloween as a reminder:) Thanks for tuning in.

• Got “treat” tips? Love to hear them. Post your ideas about promoting wellness this Halloween!

• Feel strongly about Childhood Obesity? Send your comments!

Blog Action Day – It’s Never Too Late

action_468×60.jpgBlogger Chris Garrett created a post today, alerting his readers to the environmental focus of Blog Action Day. Being a new blogger, it was news to me and I poured through Chris’s post. Then I also hurried over to the Blog Action Day blog to see what all the buzz was about.

What I found made my heart sing — a reminder of just how much one voice can accomplish. “One issue. One day.” is the theme. One chance for each of us to take a look at how we are going to bring wellness to this environment and this planet of ours. A day devoted to doing what we can in a big way — by spreading the word AND taking action.

When I read Chris’s post, it was already 4pm pacific time and I heard myself mumble, “Uh-oh, I’m too late.” Then I stopped in my tracks and realized that if we all say that, it really will be too late. So I took action and am sending this out as fast as my fingers can type. The chance to send out these reminders from the folks at Blog Action Day just seems like an important step toward environmental wellness that I can take right now:

And if you don’t read this until October 16th or 17th or 18th — or later — go ahead and make it Blog Action Day anyway. Educate yourself. Find out what you can do. Whether it’s support sustainable agriculture and frequent the businesses that do the same, or drive less and walk more, do something. But don’t just do it today. Use today as a renewal of your commitment and keep up the action. My plan is to dedicate one blog issue a month toward environmental wellness.

What will you do?

Way to go, Chris. Thanks for the “heads up.”

Decisions, Decisions…

girl-with-2-heirloom-tomatoes.jpgAs entrepreneurs, we face all kinds of decisions all day long. And we take many things into account when we decide. When it comes to our business decisions, especially when we’re considering a new venture or whether to adopt a new policy or not, we look at many variables, including: financial implications, the time something might take, or the ethics involved.

And when it comes to deciding about our wellness programs, and whether or not to adopt a new program or regime, we might consider the expense, time, and convenience factors involved.

But no matter which type of decision we face, when it comes right down to it, and we’ve weighed whatever factors are important, we ultimately turn to our Inner Wisdom in the final moment. Learning to tune up our Inner Wisdom might just be one of the best investments we can make – in our businesses and in our own wellness.

I wrote a feature article about making decisions this week in my monthly ezine. It’s called, Time to Get off the Fence: 7 Tips to Simplify Decision-Making.” In it, I list some juicy ideas for tuning up your Inner Wisdom, including some good books on the subject. Browse on over and read the full article by clicking on the title above or clicking here.

After reading, let me know your perspective: What is it to decide well?

Wellness Coach Blog for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur with wellness on your mind? Is your entrepreneurial body, mind and spirit stretched to full capacity with all you have to do? Have you been looking for a collection of practical wellness resources that target the unique needs of entrepreneurs? Look no more. You’ve come to the right place!

Hello and Welcome to the new blog.

Let this be a place for you to take a brief time out from your busy days and grab a bite of refreshment for your entrepreneurial body, mind and spirit.

This blog is for entrepreneurs.

You may be just starting out on your own or be a seasoned professional with more than 20 years under your entrepreneurial belt. You may have a home-based business or have a large office downtown. Your travel itinerary could very well include several international business trips each quarter or it could be limited to a single car trip to the office supply store once a month. And your business may gross $2000 a month or $5 million a year. It matters not. As an entrepreneur, you are in business for yourself and your wellness needs are unique.

Entrepreneurs have distinct wellness needs.

While we do enjoy the freedom and flexibility to set our own paces, those of us who are entrepreneurs also have a higher potential for stress-related health and wellness challenges than those who don’t run their own businesses. While we tend to thrive on doing things our way, we have been known to get burned out by trying to do it all and from trying to do it all alone.

While getting the entrepreneurial plane off the ground in the first place can be exhilarating, it also provides a stressful workout for our adrenal glands. And keeping our enterprise in the air, especially if we are flying completely solo, can be even more taxing on our systems. Yes, when we manage the whole gamut of entrepreneurial responsibilities – from sales to admin, marketing to strategic planning, delivering products and services to computer trouble-shooting – we put great demands on not just our adrenal glands but our overall wellbeing.
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Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A., N.E. is a wellness coach for entrepreneurs.

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I’d also enjoy hearing what’s on your entrepreneurial mind when it comes to wellness. Together we’ll explore the wellness arena, discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur while also embracing wellness, and how we each define wellness and success from the inside out.

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In the body category, you can find a nutrition-on-the-go idea (though my bias is toward the Slow Food Movement:), a resource for a biological dentist (because you have been grinding your teeth worrying about that bottom line, haven’t you?) as well as a list of herbs for preventing jet-lag.

In the mind category, you will find a post that includes a worksheet for assessing your company’s financial wellness and another post to help you beef up your decision-making skills and break free from the stress of indecision.

In the spirit category, you can read an excerpt from my book, Seven Sacred Attitudes—How to Live in the Richness of the Moment and also find tips for taking a rejuvenating lunch break (what lunch break you ask? Well, that’s covered too) as well as an announcement about a renew-your-spirit workshop in Costa Rica that is great for entrepreneurs.

Consider this blog as a Wellness Program for Entrepreneurs.

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