Blog Action Day – It’s Never Too Late

action_468×60.jpgBlogger Chris Garrett created a post today, alerting his readers to the environmental focus of Blog Action Day. Being a new blogger, it was news to me and I poured through Chris’s post. Then I also hurried over to the Blog Action Day blog to see what all the buzz was about.

What I found made my heart sing — a reminder of just how much one voice can accomplish. “One issue. One day.” is the theme. One chance for each of us to take a look at how we are going to bring wellness to this environment and this planet of ours. A day devoted to doing what we can in a big way — by spreading the word AND taking action.

When I read Chris’s post, it was already 4pm pacific time and I heard myself mumble, “Uh-oh, I’m too late.” Then I stopped in my tracks and realized that if we all say that, it really will be too late. So I took action and am sending this out as fast as my fingers can type. The chance to send out these reminders from the folks at Blog Action Day just seems like an important step toward environmental wellness that I can take right now:

And if you don’t read this until October 16th or 17th or 18th — or later — go ahead and make it Blog Action Day anyway. Educate yourself. Find out what you can do. Whether it’s support sustainable agriculture and frequent the businesses that do the same, or drive less and walk more, do something. But don’t just do it today. Use today as a renewal of your commitment and keep up the action. My plan is to dedicate one blog issue a month toward environmental wellness.

What will you do?

Way to go, Chris. Thanks for the “heads up.”